MOLOTOW "ONE4ALL" 4mm 227HS High-Solid Premium Paint

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スプレーペイントMolotow Premiumでお馴染みのドイツMolotow社が誇る高品質なアートペンです。いままでの水性マーカーと異なる点は驚きの発色の良さです。特にシグナル・ホワイトに関してはキャンバスでの仕上げなどでハイライトを描く際に全く違います。水性アクリルペイントなので筆に直接インクをつけて描いても水で洗い落とせます。有機物が配合されていないアクリル性のハイブリッドなインクは環境にやさしく、速乾性に優れていて陽射しによる色あせも防ぎます。乾燥後は水や汚れなどにも強く、インクを詰め替えることによって再利用が可能となっています。

• Details
acrylic-based hybrid ink, solvent-free, can be thinned with water and acetone, paint-like coverage, semi-gloss, quick-drying, good UV and weather resistance, waterproof and smudge-resistant, refillable, odorless, replaceable tip, pump-valve with patented capillary system, mixing ball in the paint tank, transparent plastic barrel, cap is the color of the ink.

• Description
The 227 HS is 4mm round-tip paint marker in the One4all collection period. It only comes in black.

The specific paint marker One4all is very special by virtue of the miscibility of its ink on one hand with water and on the other with acetone – it is for this reason that Molotow gives the marker the modern designation “hybrid”. The advantage of this feature is that initially you have a largely odor-free, solvent-free paint marker whose ink can then be mixed with acetone if that is needed – the acetone improves the adherence on the surfaces of materials like leather or smooth plastics.

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¥900 tax included